How Restaurantware Doubled Conversions with Better Search

Hotels, restaurants and many more rely on Restaurantware for its unique tableware — the company is a top manufacturer of eco-friendly and fashionable dishes and utensils. But its site search was deeply flawed. “Our website search function was terrible. No one, including myself, could find the products they were looking for,” said Restaurantware CEO Jamil Bouchareb. Irrelevant and incomplete search results confused shoppers and created extra work for the company’s customer service team. Restaurantware asked SLI to improve its search function and draw more visitors to its site. The addition of a smart search box with an autocomplete function doubled the conversion rate. And, average order values and site traffic both increased.

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“Undoubtedly, SLI is contributing to helping us grow.”
— Jamil Bouchareb
CEO of Restaurantware