Adopting Best-of-Breed Search and Navigation, the number-one resource for pet parents, is dedicated to helping people across the United States find what they need for their pets quickly and affordably. launched in 2012 as a personalized content site, then in 2013 evolved into an e-commerce site focused on the health and wellness of pets. Today, the e-commerce site has 6,000-7,000 products available to purchase at any given time.

In 2015, the site experience team was bogged down working in multiple interfaces to manage thousands of products. Their previous search solution’s content management system wasn’t fully integrated so the team could not rely on changes made in its Magento platform to be reflected accurately on the site. Category and landing pages filtered through the search provider with unreliable outcomes so the team was spending a significant amount of time troubleshooting issues across systems. also needed a solution that would allow for quick price adjustments and merchandising since pricing is an area of fierce competition in the pet supply market.

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20% increase in revenue from search