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Site Champion

User-Generated SEO

Driving high-quality traffic to your site is one of the top priorities for e-commerce retailers, along with optimizing the shopping experience. SLI Site Champion®, which builds upon SLI Learning Search® technology, is able to deliver high-quality organic search traffic to your site. It learns from your site visitors and dynamically creates SEO-optimized landing pages that are indexed by Google and other Internet search engines, extending your site’s SEO footprint and making more of your content findable.

  • Dynamically-generated landing pages are based on actual users’ popular searches and change over time as your visitors’ shopping habits change
  • Complements, rather than competes with, your existing SEO strategy by capturing clicks for long-tail searches
  • Improves conversion rates by optimizing site pages for Internet search engines and showing customers more products

Be More Visible in Web Searches
Site Champion® landing pages are optimized for Internet search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. These SEO-optimized pages rank higher in organic search results over time, and take potential customers to the most popular products for that search term.

Increase Visibility Without Additional Effort
Site Champion landing pages show customers a variety of products and search suggestions, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Site Champion landing pages are dynamically created for popular search terms, increasing your number of landing pages without additional work for your team.

Download the Site Champion Product Brief.