Learning Navigation

Dynamic Navigation that Learns and Improves

SLI Learning Navigation® dynamically builds a user-centered design and browsing experience based on visitor behavior to guide shoppers to what they want in the fewest amount of clicks while improving your Internet search rankings.

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Dynamically Navigate Your Way to Higher Sales

Improve your user experience and conversion rates by keeping your catalog fresh, your e-commerce website pages SEO-friendly and your shoppers happy with dynamic navigation.

Deliver the Best Results to Every Shopper

Give shoppers who browse (instead of search) the same great SLI experience.


Consistency Between Search and Navigation


Shoppers thrive in a familiar environment. Increase conversions with a consistent shopping experience as shoppers switch seamlessly between search and dynamic navigation


Advanced Refinement


Guide your customers through their shopping experience with custom faceted e-commerce dynamic site navigation.


Intuitive Merchandising Controls


SLI Commerce Console™ provides an easy interface for merchandising and customizing your dynamic navigation pages, plus you get search engine indexing controls.

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